Our mission is to inspire and empower our future generations.

Heartshine is dedicated to addressing the impact of lived traumatic experience on children and young people through offering complimentary creative arts programmes (including dance, music, art and drama) and mindfulness based teaching resources (including meditation, yoga & breathwork).

We engage skilled and empathetic practitioners in each of these core areas whose services are then extended to carefully chosen partners from community based NGO’s that align with our values and who share our mission.

About Heartshine

We believe that creative expression, inner resourcing and self care practices are superpowers that allow individuals to express themselves and to find meaning and balance in a safe and unintimidating way.

Our unique combination of activities enables us to support children on a journey towards a fulfilled, happy and thriving future.

Founder Tracy Winde

As a passionate South African Tracy Winde has witnessed first-hand the harsh challenges facing children in under-resourced areas. She is determined to make a meaningful and sustainable impact in her wider community by providing these resources to those most in need of them.


Through fun, creative and supportive activities offered by Heartshine’s Specialist Practitioners, we are able to reach and impact many children for a fraction of the cost of formal therapy.

  • Expressive Creative Arts

    Art, Music, Drama and Dance are all powerful and expressive activities that can help restore emotional equilibrium and aid participants in processing and moving forward from lived trauma experiences.

  • Inner Resourcing

    Children are often stressed, anxious and overwhelmed because they do not have the tools to self-regulate or soothe themselves. Inner resourcing teaches skills that will help them to cope with their daily challenges.

Our children need all the help the can get to unlock their potential.

South African youth, on average, experience 8 ‘highly traumatic’ life events per year versus 4.8 in the entire lifetime of a Western child (USA/UK)*

* Source: Waves for Change

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

ACEs can have a tremendous impact on future violence, victimisation and perpetration, and life long health and opportunity.

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