Anuka is dedicated to helping individuals navigate their mind-body connection when faced with adversity and mental pain. A global citizen, who was born in the UK and has lived in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Switzerland, and the US, she brings cultural awareness, human sensitivity, and spiritual compassion to all of her coaching and leadership offerings.

She has spent the last two decades studying, practicing, and coaching mindfulness. Anuka joined SIY Global as the Certified Teacher and Business Development Manager in May 2023. She supports the Certified Teacher community with business support and teacher training. As a coach, Anuka is dedicated to supporting individuals with practices that unlock a new way to be when faced with personal and professional challenges. She believes that cultivating emotional intelligence skills is an accessible way for everyone to make the necessary shift to grow, heal, and empower themselves throughout their journey in life.

Anuka spends most of her time coaching professionals and individuals utilizing her own life and leadership experience. Most recently, she has been working with women in leadership roles—helping them to hone their curiosity and embrace their purpose as they face growing pressures in their everyday routines. She also teaches leadership programs with Ashley Nelson in organizations across the US and the world.

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