Lameez Benjamin is a registered/accredited/member in the following techniques:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Master Trainer
  • Neuro Linguistic Programme Practitioner
  • Self-Esteem Coach
  • Good Morning – Good Evening Qigong Instructor
  • Community Art Facilitator
  • TRE Provider

Her personal experiences have inspired her learning journey and enables her to relate to the agony, grief, struggles, anxiety, stress, loss, and disempowerment of people due to the demands in life. After years of searching, researching, and doing courses from renowned teachers, she found tools to unlock the path to emotional freedom in 2008, which led her on a journey to support and inspire amazing humans to work on finding their inner happiness, to grow comfortably into themselves, to be emotionally healthy in mind and body. She also facilitates art classes for young kids encouraging creativity and healing through art. 

Lameez has a background in business and HR consultancy in addition to her talents outlined above.

She has been reviewed as knowledgeable, gifted, caring, compassionate, insightful, adorable, and kind by her clients in the wellness sector. 

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