We partner with carefully chosen and established community based NGOs to provide our services. We complement their existing offerings with programmes that teach self regulation, bring the nervous system into balance and address mental and emotional well-being.

Our current NGO partners are

  • Bonteheuwel ECD Forum

    The Bonteheuwel ECD Forum manages 27 ECD centres across this violence-ridden community. Our programme will train teachers in a therapeutic Kindermusik programme specially adapted for our South African context.

  • Justice Desk Africa

    Justice Desk Africa which empowers people to understand their human rights. We will be working with 160 teenagers using creative arts and inner resource training to provide support.

  • The Amy Foundation

    The Amy Foundation works in aftercare programmes in Cape Town’s poorest communities. They will be selecting 30-40 of their most vulnerable 8-13 year olds to attend an 8 week Heartshine programme of Saturday workshops.

Our current Specialist Practitioners  are

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