At the heart of our work is the intention to create awareness and earn sincere buy-in from local communities towards mental wellness outcomes at the grassroots level. We also aim to address the barrier of intergenerational trauma. This is why we serve children and we do so via young community leaders.

Heartshine mobilizes young adults, who model the success of prioritizing mental wellness in challenging contexts, to lead the implementation of our work. They are identified with the help of peer organisations and follow an intense learning journey to understand, help shape and implement the work plan on the ground.

Find out more about our Specialist Practitioners and their services.

The 2024 Heartshine training curriculum includes:


  • A basic introduction to trauma training
  • A formal course in practising mindfulness
  • A course in the Little Lions mental coaching process
  • Technical training in visual arts and various other mindfulness practices
  • Visits to and facilitated dialogues at city spaces that allow reflection to position our work in the context of history and current social affairs


  • Facilitation of session with children with the support and guidance of specialist practitioners
  • Hold the relationship with partner organisations
  • The development of a personal and professional growth plan
  • Contributing to the development of a Heartshine curriculum

For more information about The Heartshine Community Champions Academy and how it works, please get in touch with us.

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