Nicci has trained in and taught Nia (classes, workshops, and motivational talks) since 2003, and Laughter Yoga since 2015. She is a Black Belt Nia teacher with additional training in Nia Moving to Heal, 5 Stages of Healing, Move It, Floorplay, and Nia and Trauma. She can hold the space for any group (have worked with adults and children), is agile in working with the energy of a group, even on Zoom, and can create empathetic connection with any audience. She welcomes everybody. She runs the leading Nia studio in Cape Town – where they offer classes, trainings, and workshops.

Nicci has held the space for a variety of clients, from major corporates to school groups to community groups.

Nia Moving to Heal – the Art of Feeling Better – supports people looking for a gentle approach to Nia, for those dealing with a wide range of therapeutic issues from injury, trauma, grief etc. Learn to slow down and personalise movement to fir your body’s needs while focusing on the sensation of feeling better (and in some cases just connecting to feeling something) move by move, breath by breath for improved feelings of wellness regardless of physical condition.

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