We take alumni from the Breaking Beliefs programme and identify those who are passionate about improving their communities. These individuals are then trained by our specialist practitioners to become community coaches who champion the Heartshine cause. These young people believe in the power of creative arts and inner resilience training because they are proof that it works.

Our 2024 curriculum includes:

  • The training of 6 community champions on a monthly stipend
  • Child protection protocols and trauma sensitivity training
  • Transport and meals for the training sessions
  • An orientation day + 6 full training days

Training over a 5-month period includes:

  • Little Lions mental health coaching for 8–13 year old’s
  • Yoga philosophy coaching for children
  • Mindfulness, meditation and breathwork training
  • Attendance at all Justice Desk and Amy Foundation sessions for learning and participation
  • Curated learning and training sessions with Heartshine Board Members & Director
  • Training manuals

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